SERVICES / IT solutions

A business that's based on IT-technologies is so dynamic that every day dictates new rules which require inventive capabilities and rapid innovations. The growing requirements of our consumers encourage our team to create services based on the intersection of the recent technological advances of the mobile phone industry and the fashionable trends. This enables us to successfully develop and maintain positive dynamics of consumer’s interest in our proposals. Optimization of successfully proven basic technological solutions which have already turned into classics, and the introduction of fresh developments have become the criterion of the Company’s strategy.

Solutions for Government Agencies

Thanks to a wide range of its services, the DSC is also engaged in development and full implementation of IT solutions for government projects. This includes an integration of high-tech solutions for automation of various government agencies; development of analytical systems and databases, and provision of support for social projects.


Business Solutions

The DSC team provides services for the development of programs to facilitate business processes by offering functional solutions adapted to all kinds of activities be it finance industry, medicine, transportation, sports, tourism, information technologies or the like.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have become part of the lives of cell phone users. They facilitate the access to products of entertaining and educational nature, and provide required information or perform communicative role. Our Company’s task is both the development of applications available to owners of any phone models without forcing them to buy expensive smart phones and the introduction of applications required by experienced consumers.


The DSC offers the services for the development of interactive Web sites of various levels of complexity with a wide range of functionality, completed structure and a high level of security. The DSC also offers CMS-development which is deemed to be a convenient tool for managing, storing, version control, navigation, searching and publishing of various texts and graphic contents. The interface we offer to our customers is easy to use; it facilitates automation of the process of posting of information, registration of design and extension of functionality. Along with development of multi-level corporate sites and mobile portals, we also deliver minor projects oriented to natural entities.