Additional or so-called VAS services (Value-Added Services) provided by mobile operators have impelled the boom in the market of proposals, which requires innovative ideas and mobile solutions. Our Company provides a number of services targeted at various taste segments ranging from a classic set of content services and support of interactive programs for wide spectrum of consumers up to marketing offers for the B2B- projects. As a result, the Company has gathered a huge and constantly updated database of loyal subscribers. Besides, fresh ideas generated by our talented team stir up professional interest of our strategic partners.


Mobile commerce is one of the most promising types of business that is distinguished by steady growth worldwide including Azerbaijan. An unquestionable advantage of such type of payments is the convenience of application. Our subscribers can pay for goods and services through the system of micropayments by transferring money directly from their phones, or get an access to a huge number of online resources including social networking, file sharing, operating on the internet bookmakers and casinos, dating services, banking and many other network resources that provide services in the IT sphere.

Mobile Social Network

We provide a range of services which facilitate communication of subscribers in various spheres of interest by offering both a public platform for fulfillment of inner potential, and the services covering the needs of the confidential communication with a guaranteed security level. With due consideration of a variety of customer preferences, Mobile Social Network services are offered through the following several transmission channels: SMS, IVR, WEB/WAP.

Interactive Services

Today, it's impossible to imagine that the mobile industry can exist without interactive entertainment, informative and marketing services. Mobile subscribers express their obvious interest to voting campaigns, mind games, auctions or TV advertisements that enable us to actively participate in public life and to have access to advertising sites, to express opinions, to influence the results of competitions and win valuable prizes. All this encourages our company to steadily work for meeting consumers’ demand and promoting new products to the market.

Content Services

Despite the enormous number of services provided in the VAS segment in different directions, the content services still constitute its basis. For delivering content, both traditional and relatively new types of transportation are used such as SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR, WEB /WAP, STK, DSTK, ICB including a variety of mobile applications and etc. Our portals provide a complete set of content-based offerings: textual, musical, voice services, games, video, animation, images, applications which constitute a multi-thousand and constantly replenishing basis of any actual content.